Seed World

Rise of the Machines: How Machine Learning and Robots are Taking Over the Seed World

In this week’s webinar, we heard from three speakers who gave us the latest insights on how machine learning and robotics are forging a new future for the world of seed.

In this webinar we’ll look at a fun and futuristic topic: robots and how they are increasingly playing a major role in our industry. We will seek to answer an important question: what do robotics mean for the future of humans in the ag sector?

‚ÄãExperts discuss:

  • The role of robotics in the seed sector
  • Some practical ways these technologies are being used in the field
  • What the future might look like now that robots are in the field and doing the business of seed

Robert Saik: A dynamic professional who can combine his passion of agriculture with deep business experience and talk about them in a humorous, energetic and impactful way, Rob is an author, keynote, entrepreneur and thought leader. He’s been tapped by the likes of Bill Gates, the Minister of Agriculture for Nigeria and most recently the UN Committee for World Food Security. Beginning his career on a mixed farm in Alberta, Rob has gone on to found and invest in many companies in the agricultural sector ranging from farming in Uganda, cattle, ag retail, fertilizer manufacturing, distribution, marketing, consulting, data, ag tech, robotics and now serves as CEO of AGvisorPRO, a connectivity and resource platform.

Rick Rutherford: A president of Manitoba’s Rutherford Farms, Rick has a big interest in harnessing robotics technologies in his fields. Rutherford Farms has been producing, processing and selling pedigreed seed for over 60 years. They sell and process cereal grains, soybeans and canola. Recently they have begun selling hybrid seed corn. Rick will talk about the impact of robotics technologies in the retail sphere.

Jacqueline Keena: Jacqueline is managing director of the Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI). She is a professional agrologist and holds degrees in agribusiness and public policy.