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Put the Myths Around Biologicals Behind You


For decades, anytime the word biological came up during a sales pitch, the immediate thought was that the product was a “snake oil,” — something that didn’t produce any extra yield or help the crop grow.

Over the last two decades, biologicals have flourished. While there are some precautions to take with a living product used as a seed treatment, the myths surrounding biologicals are starting to dispel. Now, it’s just time to continue education about the product to help customers know — while a biological might be an optional step in the growing year, it’s an optimal step for the future of your field.

On Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 12:00 CST, Seed Speaks will be joined by two panelists to help us toss out the fiction about biologicals for good.

Holly Little, director of R&D for Acadian Plant Health. Little has been with the company since 2007, where she has had multiple roles within R&D. In her current role, she leads a team of scientists that develop new products, and produces the supporting science behind Acadian Plant Health Products. In 2022, Little was also appointed as a Commercial Science Fellow at Acadian Plant Health, and is the 2021 American Society for Horticultural Science Outstanding Industry Scientist. Holly is a certified crop advisor, and an alumni of the California Agricultural Leadership Program (Class 50).

Vince Wertman, technical sales manager of North America, Agrauxine by Lesaffre North America. Wertman works closely with the company’s researchers to bring products to the field and with sales representatives to ensure products are properly applied. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Wertman earned his bachelor’s in agriculture, specializing in agri-chemistry, microbiology and nutrition. Today, he’s based in Albert Lea, Minn., but traverses the country educating others about the special considerations of biological application.

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