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We Bust Holiday Myths on This Week’s Seed Speaks


On this week’s final live episode of 2022, Seed Speaks hosts Alex Martin, Ashley Robinson, Ally Roden and Marc Zienkiewicz took the time to bust some holiday myths that have been floating around out there.

  • Alex Martin busts the myth of Christmas pickle ornaments: It’s claimed that back sometime before the 1800s, a tradition started in German households where someone hides a glass pickle ornament in a Christmas tree. If a child finds it, they get an extra present. If an adult finds the pickle, it’s said you’ll have good luck for the year. The kicker is no one really can pinpoint where this tradition started.
  • Ashley Robinson busts the myth behind the true reason it’s called Boxing Day: Our American viewers may not have heard of Boxing Day or be as familiar with it as it isn’t widely celebrated in the U.S. like it is in Canada; in Canada on Dec. 26, we get the day off from work and stores usually run end-of-year sales similar to Black Friday. Many people think that the day is meant to box up all your wrapping paper and maybe put all the ornaments away, but that’s not actually the case.
  • Ally Roden busts the myth of Coca-Cola Santa Claus: According to the official website for Coca-Cola, the company did play a big role in how the world now sees Santa Claus, yet they were not the first to depict Santa as the jolly happy soul that we all know him as today.
  • Marc Zienkiewicz busts the myth that artificial Christmas trees are better for the environment than real ones. Buying a real tree supports local tree farms, and real trees are not manufactured and shipped around the globe like artificial ones, which of curse contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Watch this week’s Seed Speaks episode below! We’re taking a Seed Speaks break and will be back with Live episodes on Jan. 11. Over the holiday break, we’ll be rolling out our Top 10 Seed Speaks episodes of the year. We’ll announce the topic of our new season of Seed Speaks on Jan. 4!