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Why our Nation’s Seed Analysts are Thriving as Part of Seeds Canada

According to Krista Erickson, Canada’s seed analyst community is thriving now that it’s part of a larger national organization, and exciting things are to come as the organization finds it feet after almost two years in existence.

Erickson, director of member strategy and solutions for Seeds Canada, sat down with Marc Zienkiewicz at the recent Semi-Annual Meeting of Seeds Canada in Ottawa, Ont., to talk about how the analysts are doing since becoming a part of Seeds Canada nearly two years ago.

Erickson is the former executive director for the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada (CSAAC), which merged with three other seed organizations to form Seeds Canada on Feb. 1, 2021.

Her mother was Marie Greeniaus, and CSAAC’s Outstanding Achievement Award was named after her.

“I think [my mother] would be very proud [of Seeds Canada]. It’s not that we didn’t have a voice before, but now we’re a part of a group. And our voice is always present, whether it’s at industry meetings or behind the scenes. So I think she’d be very proud and impressed, and she would say, ‘Just remember that we’re here and we are important.’ I think she’d be very impressed that we’re a part of this,” Erickson said.