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Canadian Grain Commission Shares New Science Strategy

The Canadian Grain Commission just released its new Science Strategy, according to a release. The strategy details the commission’s vision for its science and research in the future and positions it to respond to the grain sector’s latest trends and developments.

“Our Science Strategy integrates the science and research goals of the Canadian Grain Commission with the key issues and challenges currently facing the grain sector. By addressing these developments, we will ensure that science continues to support Canadian producers and our competitiveness in the world market,” said Doug Chorney, chief commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission.

The Science Strategy utilizes consultations with “producer and industry organizations, end users, academia as well as other provincial and federal government departments” to identify the five drivers it believes will form the future of grain science over the next decade, shared the release. 

The five drivers include:

  • global trends and surfacing market issues
  • progress in technology
  • developing end uses
  • climate change and extreme weather
  • food safety and nutrition

The strategy comes as a direct response to the previously mentioned drivers, creating goals and outcomes. It also exhibits how the commission plans to implement the goals with innovative approaches for science, people, collaboration and infrastructure.

“The changing needs of the Canadian grain sector present new opportunities for the Grain Research Laboratory’s science and research activities,” added Esther Salvano, director general at the Grain Research Laboratory. “Our Science Strategy will guide our planning decisions and future investments. It ensures that we will continue to be the pre-eminent scientific research centre for studying, monitoring, and testing Canadian grain.”

Learn more about the Canadian Grain Commission’s Science Strategy here.