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Tom Greaves is Raising the Profile of Protein

There’s a generational shift happening. In less than eight years, a new generation will step up to replace the seven million people over 65 in Canada. Investing in young leaders is needed now more than ever.

Fortunately for the seed industry, the future’s in good hands.

Germination asked for nominations for 10 leaders in the industry who showcase a drive for bettering the global seed industry. These leaders come from a range of businesses — from multinationals to associations to independent companies. They all have one goal in common: leading the seed sector into the future.

These 10 Next-Gen Leaders were nominated by their managers, their peers, and different seed associations who saw their potential as up-and-coming leaders. Here’s the ninth.

Tom Greaves believes that the tools he uses and the team he works with are important in keeping him organized and focused in his effort to revolutionize his company’s approach to capitalizing on the protein market.

His journey has been full of twists and turns, but all the links in the chain tie together in the end. Story of his career, you might say.

He was initially hesitant about joining the family seed business back in 2013 after working in the industry with feed producer Puratone and hemp-based food company Manitoba Harvest, but the more he learned, he found that there were a lot of opportunities to succeed in seed.

The president of the Manitoba Seed Growers Association believes that the seed sector has a lot of potential for growth and opportunity for those who are willing to pursue it.

His experience working in different sectors and his relationships with people in the industry have led him to where he is today — working with various partners including DL Seeds and food ingredient processors to create a product that adds value to everyone in the supply chain, from the breeder to the end consumer.

Pitura Seeds recently announced the release of its very first exclusive yellow pea variety. PS Boost will be launched commercially in spring 2025. It’s been specifically bred for the protein market.

Developed by DL Seeds, PS Boost has been performing well across the Prairie provinces in both co-op registration trials and regional variety trials.

“When selecting for this variety, there was a focus on making sure the variety had strong agronomics for our farmers, while also meeting the quality characteristics that our end use protein partners are looking for,” Greaves says.

“We see this variety as a step towards building the protein market in Western Canada, which will create opportunities for everyone that wants to get involved”.

Pitura Seeds will be looking to further build its distribution network across Western Canada with seed growers and retailers that are interested in PS Boost.

“It’s exciting to see how the different pieces have come together to create something innovative and valuable.”