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Greg and Sarah Stamp Selected as Outstanding Young Farmers for Alberta/NWT Region

Greg and Sarah Stamp of Stamp Seeds have been chosen as the 2023 winners of the Alberta/NWT Outstanding Young Farmers Program. Among four nominees, the dynamic couple secured the coveted title, recognized for their exceptional contributions to the agricultural industry. The prestigious event took place in conjunction with AgSmart in Olds, Alta. this week.

Stamp Seeds and Stamp Farms is a second-generation pedigreed seed farm and seed retailer based in Enchant. Working in tandem with Greg are his brothers, Nathan Stamp and Matthew Stamp, managing the operations of the farm. With a team of 19 full-time staff and an additional eight to nine seasonal or summer students, the Stamps cultivate 5,000 acres of irrigation and 2,000 acres of dryland, focusing on producing 95% of their crops for seed.

Recognizing Excellence in Young Farmers

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program seeks to celebrate and recognize young farmers who exemplify excellence in their profession. Eligible nominees must be farm operators aged between 18 and 39, deriving a minimum of two-thirds of their income from farm operations. The program holds seven regional recognition events annually, and from each region, one farming couple is selected to represent at the national recognition event.

The Judging Criteria

At the national event, the seven honorees undergo assessment by a panel of judges, who evaluate their achievements based on specific criteria. The evaluation includes assessing the progress made throughout their farming careers, the extent of their implementation of soil, water, and energy conservation practices, their crop and livestock production history, financial and management practices, and their contributions to the well-being of the community, province, and nation.

During AgSmart, Marc Zienkiewicz had the opportunity to catch up with Greg and Sarah Stamp to talk about the value of the program. Their story of perseverance, sustainability, and progress in the farming industry struck a chord with many attendees.

The couple highlighted the importance of sustainability, progress, and overcoming challenges in their farming journey. They spoke passionately about their on-farm practices and the timeline of their achievements. Reflecting on their experiences, the Stamps acknowledged the value of participating in the Outstanding Young Farmers Program.

The Stamps expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to share their story and the lessons they learned along the way. Engaging with other farmers and learning about the advancements and innovations in various sectors of agriculture left the couple inspired.

As farmers, one of the challenges lies in communicating the advancements and innovations within the agricultural industry to those outside the farming community, Greg said. The Stamps recognized the importance of bridging this communication gap and raising awareness about the evolving face of agriculture.