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Greg Stamp is Connecting with Customers in New Ways

There’s a generational shift happening. In less than eight years, a new generation will step up to replace the seven million people over 65 in Canada. Investing in young leaders is needed now more than ever.

Fortunately for the seed industry, the future’s in good hands.

Germination asked for nominations for 10 leaders in the industry who showcase a drive for bettering the global seed industry. These leaders come from a range of businesses — from multinationals to associations to independent companies. They all have one goal in common: leading the seed sector into the future.

These 10 Next-Gen Leaders were nominated by their managers, their peers, and different seed associations who saw their potential as up-and-coming leaders. Here’s the eighth.

Greg Stamp is enjoying double honours after he was named a Next-Gen Leader by Seed World magazine in 2022. Now he’s making headlines in Germination, and it’s because of his growing reputation for knowing how to navigate the complex world of the Alberta seed industry.

The seed industry has always been a family business for Stamp, seed sales manager for Stamp Seeds in Enchant, Alberta, Canada. Though he’s only been involved for 16 years, his family’s company has been up and running for 38 years now. But, in addition to working on the family business, they maintain a family farm as well with brothers Matthew and Nathan.

“Seed in Western Canada is fairly unique because we connect the production, processing and retail sale within one entity, allowing us to be flexible, as well as manage quality and timelines,” Stamp says. “Some areas have a lot of planning and predictability, while others have very little, and a lot of seed is grown on spec.”

The biggest thing he’s been able to bring to his family’s operation? Better and new social media use and new ways to connect with customers. He’s also found big success with farm trials and demonstrations with customers and on-farm research. The seed side of the business implemented cloud traceability and sales software and the farm side implemented traceability, record keeping and tracking software.

“We were facing the same challenges as our customers — so these helped us understand what our customers needed and gain reputation and trust,” he says.

As he continues in his own career, though, he notes that getting active and involved with the industry has helped expand his skills.

“Farm industry groups, boards and commissions really helped me grow and learn while also contributing to the ag industry and helping direct it,” Stamp says. “I also tried to attend many conferences and events to learn about the industry but what I see now is the learning and visiting between the speakers is just as important.”