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A New Campaign Will Help Farmers Understand the Value of Certified Seed


If you didn ‘t have the chance to attend our annual meeting in St. John’s, Nfld., you missed the sneak peek of our #ChooseCertifiedSeed promotional campaign.

The campaign highlights the benefits of using Certified seed and why Certified seed makes a difference. We aim to engage and compel farmers, processors and consumers to choose Certified seed.

Caroline Lafontaine, CSGA Chief Operating Officer

The campaign is grounded by a fantastic website that serves as a treasure trove of information divided into sections that delve into the nuances of Certified seed, its value, quality, identity assurance, traceability and trustworthiness.

What’s really special about the content is the heartfelt, compelling videos from our seed growers and stakeholders. Their perspectives, genuine experiences, and passion form the essence of the campaign amplifying the message to farmers to choose Certified seed.

The unveiling in St. John’s was a soft launch. The entire campaign promotion starts this fall when producers transition from the fields and start to prepare for the next crop season.

Time to Amplify

CSGA is thrilled to see the enthusiasm surrounding this initiative. Indeed, our unified efforts will steer this campaign toward success.

The power of digital media can ‘t be underestimated. Our campaign promotion will include paid targeted social media ads. If you are interested in coming on board, please reach out.

Help us get the word out there! We encourage you to use the hashtag #ChooseCertifiedSeed, share the campaign videos and website, and talk to your customers.

Let’s tell farmers, processors, and end users why they should #ChooseCertifiedSeed for the highest quality, identity-assured, third-party verified seed to set them up for success!

Together, let’s drive the message of certified seed far and wide.

Talking Points

Talking to a farmer about certified seed either in person or online? Let them know about the new campaign! Here’s a few things you can tell them to drum up interest in using Certified seed:

  • When you choose Certified seed, you get what you paid for — pure, clean seed, varietal purity, and high germination.
  • You can ‘t control the weather, but you can control the seed you plant. Certified seed gives you the edge!
  • Sowing Certified seed can be a farmer’s most cost-effective risk management tool when it comes to their business.
  • Food processors and end users who produce foods grown from Certified seed know they are starting with the best ingredients available – a foundation of quality food and a promise they can market to today’s food-savvy consumers.
  • Because of its strict certification process, Certified seed is the only way to get a known verified variety.