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The Manitoba Seed Growers Will Hold a Gala Event Next Month. Tom Greaves Says You Don’t Want to Miss it

The Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association (MSGA) will hold a two-day gala event next month when it holds its much-anticipated SeedLink conference.

In an interview last week in Saskatoon, Sask. at the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association interprovincial meeting, MSGA President Tom Greaves shed light on the upcoming event, scheduled for Dec. 6-7 in Brandon, Man. at the Clarion Hotel. The conference, a collaborative effort with Canterra Seeds, FP Genetics, Alliance Seed and SeCan, creates a comprehensive platform for member meetings and the MSGA annual general meeting, in addition to several presentations and panel discussions.

“SeedLink is a initiative arising from feedback received from association members over the past few years. The primary focus has been on enhancing member engagement and introducing fresh perspectives to the industry,” Greaves says.

The decision to co-host SeedLink with industry partners is rooted in the desire to streamline events and bring all stakeholders to one central hub, reducing the need for multiple city visits, he says. Greaves highlights the importance of featuring engaging speakers and unique topics to make the event more interactive and informative.

“While the main event spans two days from Dec. 6-7, there is an additional focus on young seed growers on the preceding day, Dec. 5. In collaboration with SeCan, a mentorship event is planned, offering seed growers under 30 an opportunity to visit seed facilities and build valuable relationships within the industry.”

Each of the two main days of SeedLink is themed to cater to diverse aspects of the seed industry. The first day focuses on technology and its role in industry advancement, including a presentation of the Enterprise Machine Intelligence & Learning Initiative (EMILI). Tyson Choptain, managing director of Broadview Networks, will present on the topic of how to reduce your cybersecurity risk.

Later in the day, keynote speaker Robert Saik will speak about technology integration in agriculture. Saik’s technical strengths lie in soil chemistry, plant physiology, and crop nutrition, and he has spearheaded several advancements in technology integration in agriculture, including the development of The Agri-Data Solution. He is the author of several books, including The Agriculture Manifesto – Ten Key Drivers That Will Shape Agriculture In The Next Decade, which was named an Amazon 2014 Best of Books. Saik is also the publisher of The AgADVANCE Journal, 2014 Western Trade Journal of the Year.

The second day will focus on Advancing and Promoting the Blue Tag. A panel discussions will explorine strategies to increase certified seed usage by generating interest among end users and consumers. It will featuring Peter Entz of Richardson, Adam Dyck of Warburtons and Heather Hill of the Red River College Prairie Kitchen and is moderated by Seed World Canada’s Marc Zienkiewicz.

Other speakers on Day 2 include banking leader Roxane Lieverse of Rabobank and keynote speaker Gair Maxwell, who has worked with some of the world’s most dynamic companies, such as Mitsubishi and the Apple Specialist Marketing Group. He was named as the 2012 Canadian Speaker of the Year by TEC Canada, the country’s largest CEO organization.

To register for the SeedLink conference visit the Eventbrite page. Download the agenda for a full list of sessions and times.