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Lorne Hadley Talks Member Engagement, February Seed School

In a recent interview at SeedLink in Brandon, Man., Seeds Canada Director of Member Relations Lorne Hadley shared his insights into the organization’s priorities, ongoing initiatives, and plans for the future.

Member Engagement as Top Priority

Hadley emphasized the critical role of member engagement in the success of any membership organization. He stated, “The strength of any membership organization is its member engagement – how well are we listening? How well are we responding? Are we on track with the things that our members want us to achieve?” Hadley highlighted that his primary focus is ensuring Seeds Canada effectively listens and responds to the diverse needs and interests of members across the seed value chain.

Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM) Moving Forward

Discussing the recently released report on SRM by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Hadley acknowledged varying levels of support among members. He remarked, “There are things that are supported, there are things that are not supported.” Despite potential disagreements, Hadley mentioned that members have requested the organization to move forward with the proposal to establish an advisory body for continuous improvement in the seed regulatory framework. He suggested that the report highlighted areas where clarity is needed about the workings of the system.

Seed School 101: Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Hadley announced the upcoming Seed School event in collaboration with Cereals Canada in Winnipeg. The event aims to bring together individuals from different organizations to discuss the seed business, providing a comprehensive overview for agricultural professionals. Hadley stressed the importance of shared knowledge and understanding across the entire seed value chain.

Members’ Mandate: Knowledge and Expertise

Responding to a question about the current mandate of Seeds Canada members, Hadley noted that members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the seed business. He emphasized the challenge of ensuring the organization captures input from all members across the value chain and sets priorities accordingly. With SRM nearing a conclusion, Hadley highlighted emerging discussions around sustainability and tools such as the Genetic Transparency Database.

Recruitment of Dr. Erin Armstrong for ISSB Concept

Hadley expressed satisfaction in recruiting Dr. Erin Armstrong to develop the Independent Standards Setting Body (ISSB) concept. He mentioned that Dr. Armstrong’s expertise in the seed and grain industries would be invaluable in assessing the concept, exploring governance models, and understanding its potential effectiveness. Hadley expects that Dr. Armstrong’s diligence will provide a clearer understanding of the ISSB’s purpose and contributions in the coming months.