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Lorne Hadley on Why Canada Needs a Continuous Improvement Approach to Seed Regulation

Lorne Hadley is member relations director for Seeds Canada

At last week’s Seeds Caanda Semi-Annual Meeting, Seeds Canada policy director Lorne Hadley sat down with Marc Zienkiewicz to talk about what he thinks Canada needs in the next-generation seed regulatory system currently being fleshed out through the Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM) process.

At last week’s meeting, Seeds Canada unveiled its positions on the findings of the first three SRM task teams. Although it was a closed-door members-only discussions and specifics were not made public, Hadley said it’s his hope that we move away from a project-by-project-based regulatory system.

“I’ve been involved in several historic projects around seed modernization like SRM. We had the National Forum on Seed, we had a seed sector review with the National Seed Sector Roundtable. My hope is we go to a continuous improvement framework,” Hadley said.

“What we need to do is go away from this project-by-project approach to a continuous improvement approach where the value chain, the seed sector and the government collaborate to have ongoing discussions and make continuous improvement on a regular basis, not on a project basis.”

As far as actual regulatory change goes, Hadley said Seeds Canada’s focus is on whether the regulations actually support the organization in serving its customers needs.

“Our members need to be able to do the things necessary to be innovative, and bring innovative products to the customer, and the regulations, if they impair that, are not beneficial.”

To learn more, watch the video above.

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