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Season 11 of Seed Speaks to Explore Cutting-Edge Research

On the upcoming season of Seed Speaks, we will dive deep into the research that’s being done to propel the agriculture sector into the future. During the new Seed Speaks season you’ll hear from industry experts about how research is shaping the way we produce our crops and feed the world. Grow your knowledge on agricultural research as we explore the topics involving science, technology, innovation and more.

Join us for season 11 of Seed Speaks, Seeds of Tomorrow: Exploring Ag Research. Watch every Wednesday at 12 p.m. CST on the Seed World US, Seed World Canada, Seed World Europe and the Alberta Seed Guide’s Facebook pages, Seed World US’ Linkedin page or Seed World Group’s YouTube page.

During Seeds of Tomorrow: Exploring Ag Research, we’ll explore topics such as myth busting, private and public research, pollinators and more.

We’ll be kicking off season 11 on Wednesday, Jan. 10 when host Ashley Robinson speaks with key thought leaders about how public and private researchers work together.