b'HOW ARE VARIETIES PROTECTED IN UKRAINE?ON THE ROAD TO INTEGRATIONPLANT BREEDERS RIGHTS. P lant breeders rights (PBR) in Ukraine are gov- schemes, as well as a strict no unauthorized access erned by national law and regulations in linepolicy for propagating material is assured. Between with the UPOV Convention. The Ukrainianthe point of application and an official PBR deci-PBR certificate is called a patent (not to be confusedsion being made, temporary protection is granted. with patents for inventions). In recent years, UkrainePatent granting in Ukraine ensures breeders exclu-has been actively aligning its legislation, includingsive rights to control the commercial use of protected surrounding PBR, with European Union standards asvarieties, their import/export and their production part of its broader integration efforts. The Ukrainianand distribution. It also safeguards breeders from the PBR system closely mirrors the European system,unauthorized use of the protected varieties and offers requiring plant varieties to meet novelty, distinc- financial gain through licensing and royalties as well tiveness, uniformity and stability (DUS) criteria.as payments for use of farm-saved seeds. The system requires breeders to engage in a formal By: Olga Khranovska application process, followed by two years of officialWELL DEFINED STRUCTUREDUS field trials (or less in case of sterile analoguesThe system of official authorities in this sector is well of already examined fertile lines). Positive field trialstructured. The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian results lead to the granting of a PBR patent, whichPolicy is responsible for accepting applications and affords protection for 25 years for the majority ofgranting PBR patents while field trials are duly held species and 30 years for vine, woody and some otherby the examination authority: the Ukrainian Institute species, with the option to extend for up to five years.for Examination of Plant Varieties. The State Service Confidentiality of all sensitive data, such as breedingof Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection 18ISEED WORLD EUROPEISEEDWORLD.COM/EUROPE'