b'SEED INNOVATION DAYS2023 Seed Innovation Challenge finalists gathered at Seed Innovation Days November 16 and 17, 2023 in Korneuburg, Austria.Hiphen (Johnsongrass, creeping thistle in corn) and hyper-precise weed Founded: 2014 map creation for spot spraying.Location: France Market ready: CEO: Alexis Comar Previous testing: (field testing)Employees: 1550Product: PhenoMobile VitalFluidDescription: Industrial-grade imaging solutions, data fusionFounded: 2014and artificial intelligence combine to give access to ultra-preciseLocation: Netherlandsplant measurements remotely, helping researchers assess crops in aCEO: Erik Hertelhigh-throughput fashion. PhenoMobile utilizes industrial sensors,Employees: 1550high-tech engineering and smart processing to capture and processProduct: Plasma Activated Waterplant phenotyping data that can then be used to develop new seedDescription: By copying the natural process of lightning, VitalFluid varieties and input products.has created disinfecting properties to clean pathogens from seeds Market ready:with no chemicals. This seed treatment technology supports healthy Previous testing: (product already commercialized and used byseeds and good germination.multiple organizations) Market ready: Previous testing: (lab testing, on-farm field testing, field testing Hudson River Biotechnologyin a scientific institute)Founded: 2015 Certificates / standards: (CE)Location: Netherlands Specially designed for seed production: CEO: Ferdinand LosEmployees: 15-50 Zayndu Ltd.Product: Plentrance Founded: 2019Description: Plentrances nanoparticle delivery system efficientlyLocation: United Kingdomtakes safe and effective input alternatives into plant cells, mini- CEO: Ralph Weirmizing inputs and meeting consumer and environmental demands.Employees: 614Demonstrable active delivery in plants (several species, tissues, andProduct: Cold Plasma Seed Treatmentcargoes). Non-toxic and biodegradable, compatible with hydropho- Description: Zayndu has created a system for treating seeds without bic and water-soluble cargo, inexpensive feedstock, easily scalablethe use of chemicals using Activated Air, which is a blend of reac-for field applications.tive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS). This delivers a boost to Market ready: No seed vigor and cleans pathogens, allowing uniformity and boosting Previous testing: (lab testing, on-farm field testing) consistency and germination over a wide range of crops. Market ready: Proofminder Previous testing: (field testingscientific, testing by official Founded: 2021 authorities)Location: Hungary Certificates / standards: (CE)CEO: Ambrus Vancso Specially designed for seed production: Employees: 6 - 14Product: Proofminder Al PlatformDescription: The Proofminder platform extracts insights from high-resolution (0.5 cm/pixel), drone images by Al to provide growers with valuable information and actionable reports about every inch 2of field across the season. Proofminder has a ready-to-use Al model for missed tassel detection in hybrid corn already commercialized and deployed as well as plant distancing and gap detection for sugar beet, yield estimation, weed detection SEEDWORLD.COM/EUROPEISEED WORLD EUROPE I 31'