b'TOP 10 BEST READ STORIES ONSEED WORLD EUROPE DURING 2023Dear readers of Seed World Europe 8. UK PASSES GENETIC TECHNOLOGY ,Over the past year, we have shared hundreds of(PRECISION BREEDING) BILL 2022-23stories with you. Some were well read, others a bitMARCH 2023less, and some just went through the roof. Lets look atThe UKs precision breeding what were your most favourite stories on Seed Worldbillenabling plant breeding Europe of the past year. Check out the full articles bywhile facing hurdles such as following the link. From 10 to 1, heres our list of bestclimate change, food security viewed stories: and sustainable farmingwas approved by Parliament. This 10. HOW TO IMPROVE SEED MOVEMENTlegislation has been updated for AROUND THE WORLD the first time in more than two SEPTEMBER 2023 decades, and many are applaud-ing the bill. Check out the arti-cle to learn more about the Bills objectives, the reaction from the seed sector, and the impact on society.https://bit.ly/3SdwQhc7. YOU ARE MYTH TAKEN: GMOSFEBRUARY 2023If there is one topic in the plant breeding and seed sector that has generated a lot of myths, it is genetically modified organisms. Which is utterly surprising as these GM plants are all thoroughly checked with tests based on internationally agreed rules. They are Moving seed around the world can be a headache, with one ofdeclared fully safe and are not harmful in any way, raise yields, and the major hurdles to overcome are the many and often diverginghave led to a decrease in the use of crop protection products, as a national phytosanitary regulations. In an attempt to harmonize andresult of the added diseases resistances in these GM plant varieties. simplify international movement of seed, the seed sector came upCheck out our myth-busting piece on GMOs.with an alternative for the current complex way of working called ahttps://bit.ly/48RR86E Multilateral Systems Approach. Check out what three experts from the seed sector have to say about this new approach. down with Isabel Bezuidenhout, phytosanitary manager at the South African Seed. https://bit.ly/3O6nCC39. THE FUTURE ONLY WORKS TOGETHER: BRINGING HEALTHY AND AFFORDABLE NUTRITION TOGETHERMARCH 2023Due to climate change, plants are exposed to greater stress factors: Heat, drought, strong winds or floods threaten farmers harvests and the food supply of many people. Plants that can withstand these stresses well and produce reliable yields will be more important than ever in the future. Our regular INSIDER company KWS shares the work they are doing to develop legume varieties that can tolerate6. 20 MOST INSPIRING GEN Z EMPLOYEES IN extreme weather, in their so-called MAGMA collection. THE EU SEED SECTOR IN 2022https://bit.ly/3tZyWchAPRIL 2023In this article, we put the spotlight on some of the young people that are active in our sector and provide an inspiration for others. We selected those 30 years old and younger, often termed as Generation Z (or Gen Z). We asked all national seed associations in Europe and many other peers in the European seed sector to send us their nominations of employees who are making an extra effort. And as 26ISEED WORLD EUROPEISEEDWORLD.COM/EUROPE'