b'INSIDERSBIOSTIMULANTTo Nurture Soil Health, we Must go Beyond Short-Term FixesHOLLY LITTLEDirector, Research and DevelopmentAcadian Plant HealthIn the realm of agriculture, the buzz ofteninnovations in biostimulant research andof microbial populations, and the symbiotic revolves around immediate solutions anddevelopment. relationship with plant growth.quick fixes to enhance productivity. OurThose insights included how our prod- Our research, centering on the prod-industry often finds itself caught in a webucts embody a philosophy that goes beyonducts weve developed, reveals some crucial of short-term mitigation strategies, address- immediate gains. Its about leaving the landinsights. While their impact on soil organic ing nutrient deficiencies with chemical solu- better than we found it, ensuring that futurematter is incremental, theres a clear and tions, and overlooking the balance requiredgenerations can continue to farm. tangible improvement in plant growthfor long-term sustainability. both root and shoot development. The key I hd the opportunity to give a talk onBUILDING ORGANIC MATTER lies in leaving residues in the field, allowing biostimulants and regenerative agricultureMy journey into the world of soil healthnature to take its course and contribute to at the Biostimulants World Congress,research has taught me the importance ofthe organic matter over time.which was held in Milan, Italy, late lastfocusing not just on plant growth but on theSo why the emphasis on organic year. The congress was the worlds larg- often-overlooked aspect of building organicmatter? Its not just about nurturing crops est event on plant biostimulants, bringingmatter in the soil. Its a lesson in patience,for the current season; its about sowing the together more than 1,400 professionalsa departure from the instant gratificationseeds for a sustainable agricultural future. from 70 countries and 600 companies. mindset that characterizes modern agri- The conventional agricultural practices I shared my insights on how biostim- culture. weve embraced, particularly tillage, have ulants can empower farmers to answer theThe challenge with organic matterinadvertently stripped our soils of organic call for regenerative agriculture, whichlies in its temporal nature. The process ofmatter. Its time to shift our focus towards aims to improve soil health, biodiversity,building it is gradual and demands a holis- strategies that not only boost short-term and ecosystem services. I also discussedtic approach. It requires an examination ofproductivity but lay the groundwork for some of the latest scientific discoveries andresidues left in the soil, the augmentationlong-term ecological resilience.CONTENT MARKETINGObjective Input Makes for GREAT Decision-making!SHAWN BROOKPresidentSeed World GroupIn my professional journey, Ive comesymphony, ensuring that all elements comeathletes to push their limits, facilitators to appreciate the role of facilitators astogether harmoniously. This role is crucial,inspire individuals to reach their full indispensable contributors to effectiveas it prevents meetings from devolving intopotential during the meeting.discussions and even more so when therechaos and maximizes productivity. Fresh insights and ideas. A facil-is desired outcome. Whether its a brain- Asking the right questions is anitators external perspective can inject storming session, a strategic planningart. They are not merely scribes; they arecreativity into the meeting and help par-meeting, or a project review, these skilledskilled in guiding participants to exploreticipants see the topic from a different individuals bring a unique set of skillsnew perspectives and delve deeper into theangle. This role is particularly beneficial and qualities to the table that can make orsubject matter. Facilitators understand thatwhen tackling complex issues, as it broad-break the success of any gathering. Havingthe quality of questions directly influencesens the scope of possibilities and promotes acted as a facilitator on numerous occa- the quality of answers and solutions. Byinnovation.sions, Ive had the privilege of witnessingposing thought-provoking questions, theyA facilitator can ensure that you leave firsthand the impact they have in the realmencourage participants to think critically,the meeting with a clear, shared vision, a of collaboration and decision-making. fostering creativity and problem-solving. comprehensive plan, and a renewed sense Conductors of the meeting orchestra.Facilitators are not passive observers.of enthusiasm. Their contributions are vital They maintain the rhythm and harmony ofThey challenge meeting participants toin fostering collaboration, innovation, and discussions, ensuring that everyone has athink beyond their comfort zones, ques- productive decision-making. In my experi-voice and that the meeting stays on track.tion assumptions, and consider alternativeence, the impact of a skilled facilitator can Their ability to set clear agendas, allocateviewpoints. This role is vital for preventingbe transformative, making them invalua-time wisely, and manage the flow of con- groupthink and ensuring that decisions areble assets in any professional setting.versation is akin to a conductor guiding awell-informed. Much like a coach urging 22ISEED WORLD EUROPEISEEDWORLD.COM/EUROPE'