b'PARTNER CONTENTLooking to Fast-Track Your Career? SEED WORLD GROUP AND UC DAVIS ARE COLLABORATING TO EMPOWER SEED INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS VIA AN EXCLUSIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TUITION BENEFIT.BY: SEED WORLD STAFFS eed World Europe For those willing to travel for professional development, SBC alsoexists to support and promote the seed industry. We see our job as facilitating the connections thatoffers the following IN-PERSON course options:drive relationships and business. Usually, our role is to build those connections by sharing information and stories that informWell-established and popular courses such as:our audiences about the people, issues and companies that Seed Business 101 Horticulture (5 days)shape the seed industry. Sometimes, however, we can also be a Seed Production (4 days)more direct liaison across the seed value chain. Seed Biology, Quality and Pathology (3 days)UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC) offers some of Hemp Breeding and Seed Production (2 days) the best seed-specific continuous education offerings available anywhere in the world, with programs ranging from short to inten- NEW courses:sive and available both online and in person.Innovate and Strategize, Vegetables (4 days), Nov 4-8, Davis, U.S.Continuous education is critically important to the seedLed by former BASF CEO Vicente Navarro, this course addresses a industry. The more skilled and informed our industry becomes,critical seed company need: the ability to innovate! It\'s essential to the more solidly positioned it will be to meet the challengeshave a structure and analytical tools in place for not only creating and opportunities of the future. Thats why were delighted toa compelling vision and devising business strategies and goals, announce that Seed World Group is partnering with SBC to pro- but also ensuring their effective implementation. Highlighted with mote SBCs continuous education programs. Thanks to this part- many case studies, this immersive course will spur Innovation ideas nership, UC Davis has agreed to offer, exclusively to Seed Worldand provide the structure and tools for implementation. readers, a 20% discount off the regular registration price on all SBC short courses, whether taken online or in person.NEW Academy: UC DAVIS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY*:When I joined SBC in 2020, our vision for UC Davis SBC edu- LEAD 1: Leadership program for Plant Breeders and Scientists cational programs was to become the most reliable resource and(4 days); this is a former program management for plant breed-the primary destination for continuous learning and developmenters. Next edition in the fall of 2024.programs for the global seed industry, says Dr. Jovan Djordjevic, L EAD 2: Interpersonal skills, cracking the code of human UC Davis lant Breeding Academy director. The collaborationbehavior, (4 days) March 2024, Almeria, Spain. Under the between Seed World Group and UC Davis SBC fits perfectly itguidance of Lead Instructor Johan Peleman (former Bayer R&D provides an opportunity for ongoing education for busy seedManaging Director), this course employs practical applications industry professionals."rooted in behavioral sciences to enhance leadership skills across all functions in a seed company, not only R&D. ONLINE course options are a great opportunity for European*Stay tuned for additional modules coming soon, which will seed industry professionals who want to take course work fromtogether make a complete package of the leadership skills seed the comfort of their home and home country.professionals need to benefit their companies and society overall.E-Series (2 half days each):Embark on a transformative journey with SBC continuingS tatistics and Experimental Design (Spanish & Portuguese education programs, says Djordjevic. As you navigate our versions available)courses, not only will you acquire essential skills tailored for the Hybrid Breeding Strategies, (Spanish & Portuguese versionsdemands of today\'s dynamic seed and agriculture sector, but available)you\'ll also be contributing to the collective strength of our seedRStudio Level 1, 2, 3 and 4industry. Dont forget: you are the CEO of your career and seeds are awesome!If youre interested in learning more, visit https://sbc.ucda-vis.edu. To access this exclusive promotion, email the SBC at sbc@ucdavis.edu.SEEDWORLD.COM/EUROPEISEED WORLD EUROPE I 33'