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Turkey Approves Five Biotech Traits

The Turkish Government, through the Official Gazette published on February 27, 2021, has announced the Biosafety Decisions on import of genetically engineered (GE) soybean and cornevents. The announcement in the Official Gazette included approvals and cancellations.

Under the Turkish Biosafety law, approval for biotech events automatically expires after 10 years, and a new application must be made to renew the events. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MinAF) reapproved three soybean events (A2704-12, MON40-3-2, and MON89788), approved one new soybean event (DAS-44406-6), and one new corn event (DAS-40278-9) for feed.

MinAF has canceled the approvals of five corn stacked events (DAS 1507 X NK603, NK603 X MON810, MON89034 X NK603, 59122 X 1507 X NK603, MON88017 X MON810). As a result of these new approvals and cancellations, currently, there are 36 approved GE events for feed in Turkey.

For more details, read the GAIN Report or read the Official Gazette (in Turkish).

Source: ISAAA