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Sustainable Innovation is The Future of Agriculture

scientist here is manually pollinating the crop with a brush.

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the European Commission’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. The end goal: a climate neutral earth by 2050.

But, who will drive this change?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything farmers and agricultural companies do. This puts the burden of preserving the earth and its resources heavy on the shoulders of innovators, a burden MAS Seeds is all too happy to bear.

“We redefined our purpose as a company a few months ago,” says Francois Harambat, MAS Seeds marketing and sustainable agriculture director. “The purpose of MAS Seeds is that we all act together, with partners and farmers, to positively impact agriculture and bring sustainable solutions for the world today.”

In sum, their purpose is to act for a different agriculture.

This means thinking about the ‘how’ in everything they do. How our digital solution benefits farmers? How our genetics/ agronomic practices benefits the environment? This is further proven in the company’s key action items that each seek to preserve resources while making farmers more successful.

MAS Seeds corn and sunflower demonstration field. The company is working toward improving each crop for higher yields and greater sustainability.

A Strategic Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability could have a different meaning depending on the country in which a farmer or company operates. MAS Seeds realizes this and caters attainable innovations based on geography and individual need.

“We are not only producing, creating and marketing high-quality seeds,” Harambat says. “We’re doing our best to support our customers and distributors with services and customized solutions to maximize the value of the seed and improve their practices.”

Here’s a brief overview of efforts the company is making to bolster sustainability and farmer livelihoods:

  • Improve corn and sunflower seeds. Seeking to offer both organic and non-organic varieties, MAS Seeds is developing genetics that provide tolerance to both water stress and common diseases to adapt to the environmental challenges : respectively the management of the water and the use of pesticides.
  • Diversify seed portfolio. Invest resources in various seed types, including alfalfa, cover crops, sorghum, soya and other crops. This diversification benefits soil microbiology and helps offset impacts of climate change.
  • Develop seed care biostimulant. Branded Agrostart, this environmentally friendly technology helps to get the crops off to the right start. The benefices are particularly remarkable in stress conditions.
  • Provide digital agriculture solutions. AgroTempo technology helps meet farmers where they’re at, which varies greatly by country and crop produced. It provides advice and support throughout the growing season to help producers maximize yields.
  • Bolster soil health. For crop growers, soil is paramount to life. MAS Seeds’ AgroPlus is a service that support farmers to improve soil health to protect not only this season’s crop, but the crops of the future, too.
  • Create feed autonomy. With NutriPlus services, livestock growers will be more self-reliant and sustainable as they grow animal protein. With more of the world seeking non-plant protein sources, sustainable livestock production is key.

Each initiative speaks to issues farmers care about because MAS Seeds is a farmer cooperative. When the company reexamined its mission to refocus on sustainability, farmers were the drivers.

“Sustainability and creating better agriculture production are critical to not only those of us creating the science but the farmers who will use it, too,” says Jacques Groison, CEO of MAS Seeds. “As we look toward the future of this company, we’re excited to see how we can help farmers be successful while protecting soil and other resources.”

Innovation and sustainability aren’t just buzzwords at MAS Seeds. They go hand-in-hand as the company prepares for the future.