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Editor’s Notebook: Are You Climate-Friendly? Apply to Be Recognized Today!

As you may know, at European Seed we are passionate about placing the EU plant breeding and seed sector in the spotlight and highlighting the innovations that this sector is developing. For the next edition of our ’20 Most…’ series (to come out in April 2022), we would like to show how the sector is contributing to fighting climate change.

European Seed editor Marcel Bruins
European Seed editor Marcel Bruins

What do we mean by this? It could be in the form of a new crop variety that is drought tolerant and therefore needs less irrigation. It could be in the form of a novel seed treatment, or a resistant variety that requires less pesticide sprays, saving diesel and reducing pesticide use. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either. This forward-thinking could also be something like a new structured way of working from home that your company has implemented, so there are less cars on the road. Any innovation that is contributing to mitigating climate change is welcome.

Please complete the application by 15 February 2022, using this link:

We will allow a maximum of one innovation per company (subsidiaries included).

Based on your description of the innovation, if your product is a winner, we will write the final piece, and verify with you for approval. We will also need a high resolution picture (1Mb or more) of the innovation.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider one or more nominations!