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New Syngenta ToBRFV Information Center Offers Helpful Tips for Growers

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds just announced its ToBRFV Information Center, an online tool that offers growers resources in their fight for healthy tomatoes, according to a release.

Since the pathogens discovery in 2015, Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) has hit tomato production in at least 35 countries around the globe — and that number continues to grow. In 2020, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds brought the first ToBRFV resistant tomatoes to the market, with the first commercial plantings beginning in 2021.

Syngenta encourages visitors of the Information Center to sign up for ToBRFV updates and additional resources and news that will help to combat the devastating virus.

“Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus has a significant impact on growers,” said Ruud Kaagman, global crop unit head, tomatoes at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds. “In fact, growers can lose up to 70 per cent of their produce due to the virus, and it’s spreading rapidly. Therefore, broad resistance will be built into our portfolio during the next several years.”

While additional research on new resistances is ongoing, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds’ ToBRFV Information Center offers tips and tricks that growers can utilize to protect their tomatoes.

ToBRFV transmits easily to clothing, accessories, equipment and tools, making it crucial for growers to follow stringent standards to reduce the spread of the virus. The ToBRFV Resource page supplies helpful tips to reduce the risk of transmission, such as a video, downloadable checklist and infographic that can be shared with employees and guests to keep the crops safe. Operators can also find more in-depth information on the virus, where it has spread and how Syngenta is partnering with growers.

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