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Better-Tasting Yellow Peas Developed With CRISPR

Plantae Bioscience, based out of Israel, announced they had success with using CRISPR to remove 99% of the bitter taste in yellow peas according to a release. This is a breakthrough that will help pave the way for better tasting yellow peas.

Researchers at Plantae Bioscience are working on innovations like gene-edited fruits and vegetables that contain more nutrients. The CRISPR yellow pea is their first project.

Saponin extraction can be difficult because it has a hydrophobic head and hydrophilic tail. The plant protein processes usually fix this in canned products with salt or other ingredients that mask the taste. Plantae Bioscience is targeting the source of the problem according to its chief science officer, Dr. Eyal Emmanuel.

“We are basically using CRISPR gene editing to shut off the biosynthetic pathway [that triggers the production] of two major classes of saponins responsible for the bitter taste in yellow pea protein,” said Emmanuel.

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