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A Fresh Sprint Towards New Solutions

Innovation & New Tendencies Project Manager,

Romain Malaviole joined Lidea’s Customer Satisfaction Department team in 2023. He holds a degree in agricultural engineering from PURPAN, which he complemented with a strategic marketing degree from IAE Bordeaux. As the Innovation & New Tendencies Project Manager, Romain brings a wealth of expertise to the role, gained from his diverse professional experiences across life sciences, agriculture, and food industries. His extensive knowledge and experience position him to drive forward innovative projects.

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Today, agriculture undergoes a major change. Farmers are facing numerous challenges, and it is more important than ever to provide sustainable agronomic solutions. Lidea, as a seed company, focuses on developing complex offers for farmers through an innovative process based on creativity.

First of all, at the core of our offer is 70 years of expertise in genetics research. This forms the foundation for the development of seed varieties that are chosen to meet the evolving needs of farmers and to solve the challenges of modern agriculture. But our offer doesn’t end there; our creativity takes it further. 

At Lidea, we are developing collaborative, cross-functional working methods and a culture of innovation that is supported by representatives from each country and department. This creates a real dynamic within the teams, who are motivated and fully committed to the process. Innovation serves as a catalyst for enhanced collaboration within the company, facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise across teams and projects. 

Every year Lidea carries out internal processes like “Fresh Sprint” to identify the potential solutions to the needs of farmers. Employees from different company’s departments such as sales, research, production, and marketing, contribute insights and ideas gathered from the field. This month-long initiative fosters a culture of openness where ideas flow freely, driving innovation and creativity forward. 

Based on the collected ideas, cross-functional project teams pool their expertise to develop solutions. These solutions are “plug-and-play” products that are designed to facilitate and bring value to our customers’ business in adapting to ever-changing demands. These offers, based on the genetics, combined with biostimulants, specific seed treatments, accompanying species or digital services undergo rigorous validation through laboratory and real-world testing internally and by our partners.

Thanks to this internal idea-generating process, Lidea has developed solutions in different crops such as Hi Corn and Duo Silo in corn, Pack Protect and Pack Symbio in rapeseed, and seed treatments like Boost&Go, driving tangible impact in agriculture. With ongoing development efforts, Lidea continues to push the boundaries, promising more fresh ideas in the near future.