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Warning: Exciting News Ahead!

Welcome to our new and improved website!

As you know, over the last few months, we’ve brought all our publications under the Seed World banner, and the exciting news is that we now have also brought the various regional websites all into ONE platform. I am proud to announce the new website of! We’ve made many improvements, but the part that I like very much is the ease with which you can go to your preferred regional page, all within one website. So no longer a need to go from one website to another. OK, so let’s assume that your preferred page is ‘Seed World Europe’. We made it very simple: on the home page, in the upper left corner you’ll find a drop-down menu. There you can select ‘Europe’, and you’ll have all the Europe focussed seed content at your fingertips. Another great improvement is that the new website unlocks a lot more information for you. For example, if you are looking for a specific subject, the search function will now include content from all regions, instead of just one. 

And why is that so important? Well, according to the latest seed statistics, European countries are responsible for 70 to 80% of the global seed trade, making Europe the global seed powerhouse.  

And this underlines why it is so crucially important for Seed World Europe to keep informing you, as our audience, about the multitude of developments that are ongoing in Europe in the field of seeds, agriculture, seed regulations, sustainability, intellectual property, biotechnology, gene-editing, and many others. All the topics that influence the daily life of plant breeders and seed traders. 

You can visit Seed World EUROPE’s website, you can subscribe to and read our e-newsletter, or engage with us through social media, where you’ll find thought leadership and insight from all corners of the European seed sector. You’ll find feature articles on the politics, innovations and technologies shaping Europe’s seed sector right now and into the future. And you’ll find opportunities to build connections: connections to those who care as deeply about Europe’s seed world as you do.   

As the editorial director of Seed World Europe, I’m looking forward to the possibilities our new global website opens up for you, our readers. And in case you have any comments, please send me your feedback at