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Registrations Officially Open for the #Euroseeds2024 Congress

After the remarkable turnout of more than 1,300 attendees from around the world at the Euroseeds annual meeting in Malta last year, Euroseeds is looking to aim even higher with your participation to surpass this achievement!

The annual meeting this year will be held in the city of the ‘Little Mermaid’, Copenhagen, in Denmark, where the Euroseeds2024 Congress is set to take place from Oct. 13 to 16.

Euroseeds stated in a press release that their team is working hard to deliver the standards of excellence that defines our Congresses:

  • A meticulously chosen venue, equipped with professional and accessible facilities for meetings, exhibitions and trading;
  • Engaging speakers sharing valuable insights about the most pressing issues facing the European seed and breeding sectors;
  • A ‘hygge’ environment fostering fruitful exchanges and networking opportunities.
  • Moreover, Denmark’s reputation as one of the happiest countries in the world, and home to innovation and sustainability, makes our Congress an event not to be missed.

Euroseeds will be launching the “Euroseeds2024 InnovAction” challenge, where startups, SMEs, and public-private partnerships will compete to showcase latest innovations during special live sessions throughout Oct. 14 and 15. A special event will follow on the afternoon of Oct. 15 to award the “Euroseeds2024 InnovActor”.

Euroseeds urges professionals in the seed and plant breeding industries to reserve their place at their upcoming Euroseeds2024 Congress. The event will be an opportunity to rekindle connections with familiar faces, establish fresh collaborations, delve into business dialogues, stay informed on the latest EU regulatory developments, and look into the realm of pioneering innovations and technological progressions.

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