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Iowa State to Host Series of Seed Conditioning and Quality Testing Workshops

This summer, Iowa State University (ISU) will host a series of seed conditioning and quality testing workshops in Ames, Iowa, for those in the seed industry.

These are small-group session that feature a mix of classroom and hands-on equipment operation at the ISU Seed Science Center, explains Alan Goul, ISU seed conditioning specialist.

Workshop dates, topics and registration fees are:

  • July 19-20, Seed treatment, $265
  • July 24-27, Soybean and small grain seed conditioning, $415
  • Aug. 1, Gravity separation, $150
  • Aug. 3, Gravity separation, $150
  • Aug. 7-10, Seed corn conditioning, $415
  • Aug. 15-17, Corn and soybean quality evaluation, $300

For example at the Seed Treatment Workshop, participants will receive detailed information about current seed treatment products, typical seed pests and pathogens, chemical stewardship, application equipment and calibration procedures. The program will include presentations by university personnel and company representatives on the most relevant issues relating to seed treatment.

To learn more about each workshop, download the registration brochure. To register online, visit

The workshops are sponsored by ISU’s Seed Science Center, Seed Testing Laboratory, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and ISU Extension and Outreach. For questions and more information, contact Goul at or 515-294-4011, or Mike Stahr at