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Canola’s Success Lies in Evolving as a Global Player

Globally, Canada is the largest canola producer. My experience in the North American canola market has shown me how quickly the seed industry is evolving and that there are many ways for Canada to remain at the forefront of this global market.

Increasing the speed of innovation — specifically with canola — can reinforce Canada’s place as a world industry leader by providing growers with cutting-edge technology to produce the best possible crops. Canada is part of a global agricultural community but is restricted in producing crops like corn and soybeans because of weather and geography. With a smooth and effective regulatory path to the market, Canada can keep its canola edge and maintain its status as a major agricultural player.

David Sippell serves as vice president and general manager, Canada, of Cibus.

Canola has become the central crop for Canada, similar to the status of corn for the United States. There are a number of traits built into Canadian canola. Other parts of the world benefit from the progress made in canola trait development, just as Canadian corn and soybean growers benefit from innovations in corn and soybean developed elsewhere. To position itself for continued future success in the seed industry, Canada must continue to innovate and bring new beneficial input and output traits to canola growers and to the consumer market.

Cibus is working to introduce new innovations in canola seed. We are launching our business in Western Canada and building a strong regional team. We are developing traits in many crops, but canola is at the forefront and we are working on a wide range of new traits that include better disease resistance, healthier oils and improved weed control options.

The Seed Synergy initiative being implemented by CSTA, CSGA and other significant Canadian agricultural industry associations is a great way to position Canada to lead in the global seed industry.

Building on 50 years of canola development in Canada and speaking with one voice will create an environment that will help drive continued innovation in this important oilseed crop and accelerate the process of bringing new traits to market.

To do so requires a regulatory approach that enables Canadian growers to use new technologies so the potential for crop improvement is fully realized.

Canada’s success lies in recognizing its strengths and driving innovation to push the industry ahead on our status as a global player.