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Powder Pigments, A Solution to Your Seed Coloration

Clariant’s Agrocer® brand delivers powder pigments to the seed treatment industry to provide customers, of all scale, seed colorant solutions.

Rising to meet the growing demands of the agriculture industry, Clariant developed a line of powder pigments to fit their customers’ specific coloration needs while affording the flexibility of global clearance and compatibility.

Agrocer® powder pigments provide seed customers a high color strength, resulting in exceptional coverage and, in turn, superior hiding power on a multitude of seeds.

All Agrocer® powder pigments possess the qualities necessary for use in seed treatment pesticide applications. The use of powders in seed treatment pesticide applications eliminate additional liquid in the formula to create opportunity for the incorporation of more valuable active ingredients. For easy reference, the brand names of all Agrocer® products include the color and a three-digit figure based on the underlying color index. The Agrocer® powder pigment color offering includes Agrocer® Red 112, Red 482, Blue 153, Green 007, Violet 023 and Yellow 001, and do not add a hazardous labeling requirement.

Focusing on end-user application, Clariant is committed to servicing all of its seed treatment customers, no matter the size of their order. To do this, Clariant Pigments, through its exclusive North American distributor Standard Colors, has forged unique relationships with companies across the seed treatment value chain.

As the vice president of Technology for the Agrocer® project, Standard Colors’ John Kibbee works to identify the needs and challenges within North America’s seed treatment industry to ensure the Agrocer® portfolio is exceeding expectations across its customer base and staying current with customer demands.  

“Clariant has a commitment to end-user performance, and as a formulation chemist by trade, I work to understand what the customer needs and bring that information back into formulations for products that suit the market better,” Kibbee says. “Everyone is trying to differentiate in the seed treatment market, so whether it is a different color, shine or gloss, Clariant through its Agrocer® line is willing to invest the time, effort and money into working with all customers to make something special. The company really does focus on providing full-service to the entire market.”

Additionally, the Agrocer® brand ensures a safe and globally accepted range of products and provides full regulatory compliance. Global acceptability is based on compliance in each country, whether it is 40 CFR for USA, Reach for EU, or other applicable regulations.  This strict adherence ensures that if a company formulates a product in the U.S. and wants to begin producing the same product somewhere else in the world, there will be no global market restrictions because of color – an important consideration given the global nature of the seed business.

Today, Clariant through its Agrocer® brand has positioned itself as a global leader in agriculture color solutions, through its knowledge and understanding of what it takes to achieve seed treatment performance.

“To have a successful seed treatment,” Kibbee says, “you have to have the objective of protecting the seed in mind in everything you do. That’s why Agrocer® holds to the highest standards.” To learn more about Clariant and Agrocer® seed coloration, visit