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The Climate Corporation Expands Digital Solutions for Canadian Farmers

The Climate Corporation (Climate) announced new platform partnership agreements between the company’s industry-leading Climate FieldView digital agriculture platform and two Canadian-based ag-tech companies, Effigis Geo-Solutions and Croptimistic Technology Inc. (Croptimistic). With these new agreements, mutual farmer customers can access new insights from their FieldView data through integration with Effigis’s FieldApex fertilizer management platform and Croptimistic’s SWAT MAPS (Soil, Water, and Topography) technology.

“As the use of digital tools continues to accelerate and data collection capabilities continue to increase, the ability to seamlessly manage multiple data sources within a single platform is essential for well-run operations,” says Denise Hockaday, Canada Business lead for The Climate Corporation. “FieldView allows farmers to easily access a diverse and interconnected set of services and data sources to make farm management decisions with increased confidence.”

Effigis’s FieldApex calculates the most profitable nitrogen rate to apply to corn fields for each parcel and each season while protecting yields and the environment. With the addition of Effigis’s FieldApex platform, farmers who use FieldView will have the ability to access additional fertilization management tools to support their field management decisions, backed by industry-leading technology and data that’s specific to their operations.

“Partnering with Climate is a step forward in Effigis’ vision to connect innovative technologies, artificial intelligence and agronomic insights to develop strategic fertilizer prescription tools and apps that can increase farmer profitability and sustainability,” says Nicos-Keable Vezina, Precision Agriculture director at Effigis.

Croptimistic’s SWAT Maps (Soil, Water, and Topography) technology uses soil sensors, water flow data and topography modeling to create zone-based, high resolution maps for variable rate seeding and fertility prescriptions. This module is built into their CropRecords software system. Integration with FieldView will enhance farmer access to Croptimistic’s unique mapping technology to more accurately map variability across their fields.

“Croptimistic’s advanced soil mapping technology provides farmers with insights to better understand variability in their fields. Partnering with Climate will enable mutual farmer customers the ability to view our high resolution maps in the FieldView platform, unlocking additional data layers to help optimize inputs,” says Cory Willness, president of Croptimistic.

The Climate Corporation’s mission is to help all the world’s farmers sustainably increase their productivity through the use of digital tools. First launched in the United States in 2015, FieldView is now on more than 60 million paid acres across the United States, Canada, Brazil and Europe. It has quickly become the most broadly connected digital platform in the industry and continues to expand into new regions around the world.

As innovation in the digital agriculture space continues to accelerate rapidly, Climate continues to explore partnership opportunities to provide farmers with the insights they need to improve productivity. To date, Climate has announced partnerships with more than 60 platform partners globally, including several partners in Canada.