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Earning More on Every Acre


Simplicity and flexibility define the new Bayer PLUS Rewards program. Now, farmers who use products from its broad portfolio — everything from eligible seed and crop protection products to Agronomic Add-Ons — can earn cash back.

It starts when a registered program user simply purchases any two eligible products, earning an initial $3.00 per acre as part of the Product Portfolio Incentives. Earnings continue to grow with each additional purchase. With any third product, a farmer receives an additional $3.00 per acre; an additional $4.00 per acre for any fourth product and an additional $5.00 per acre with any fifth product.

Participants can also start earning on the Roundup¨/XtendiMax¨ Incentives portion of the program. Pair a Roundup¨ brand agriculture herbicide with one or more eligible herbicides and earn $2.00 per acre. Selecting the XtendiMax¨ herbicide with VaporGrip¨ Technoloy, along with a Roundup Brand herbicide and one or more eligible herbicides, nets an additional $2.00 per acre for participating farmers.


Those who qualify for the Product Portfolio or Roundup¨/XtendiMax¨ incentives can earn an additional $.50 per acre for any eligible Agronomic Add-Ons Incentive products including insecticides, fungicides and more. Rebates will be limited to five products and incentives will be calculated starting with the highest acre product.

Retailers will report grower sales data, which will be reflected in the farmer’s personal dashboard. 

At the program’s online portal,, customers can register for the program, view a complete list of eligible products, keep tabs on their purchases and track their incentives, plus choose how to redeem them. Details about the program, including an eligible products list, will also be offered by eligible seed dealers.

Once a participant has accumulated $1,500 in Bayer PLUS Rewards they can request a redemption with a minimum amount of $500 per check.

Points earned in market year 2020 must be utilized by April 30, 2021. The Bayer PLUS Rewards Program is valid in all states except for Alaska, California and Hawaii.

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