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Keep Up Morale by Nominating a Future Giant

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We’ve all experienced how difficult it can be working from home during the time of COVID-19. You don’t get to see your usual co-workers every day. You don’t always get to talk to someone in your office during the day. You might have an office full of distractions — whether that be the dog, the cat or the kids. It’s incredibly difficult!

However, there’s one way in particular you can boost a little morale in your office… By nominating that one superstar to be the next Future Giant of the Seed Industry.

Do you have someone in your office that you believe might be the next up and coming seed industry leader — the one you’ll see in all the future headlines that really makes a difference in the seed industry? Well, now would be the perfect time to do some nominating to boost their morale during an unprecedented time in our industry.

Each year, Seed World, in partnership with the American Seed Trade Association’s (ASTA) Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Committee recognize a Future Giant of the industry. The award will be announced in June. Nominations are now closed.

Nominees will be judged by Seed World’s Advisory Board and are evaluated based on their dedication to the industry, their ability to make a significant contribution to the seed industry, and their leadership both in their place of work and in their community.

The program is open to nominees who are in graduate or undergraduate program in post-secondary education and intend to pursue a career in the seed industry, or nominees who are currently employed by a seed company, laboratory or university and are seen as an up and coming leader.

Not only will the Future Giant be recognized in June, but he or she will be featured as part of the September issue of the magazine. Last year, we recognized Emily Combs Ziemke, as our 2010 Future Giant. Click here to see her feature.