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Colorant Dispersions for Fast and Cost-Efficient Solutions

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Using Clariant’s Agrocer® liquid dispersions or granulated pigments, seed treaters can add both value and safety to the seeds they treat while maintaining both production and cost efficiency.

Since 2016, Clariant’s Agrocer has worked to provide exceptional color solutions for agrochemical application, seed and seed treatment, and on-farm seed color application; affording customers, no matter the size of their operation, the opportunity to create value and added safety in their product lines through the of color.

A staple in seed coloration, liquid pigment preparations and the new product line of pre-dispersed granulated pigments provide a fast and more cost-efficient solution to seed coloration, and almost all have three years shelf life, Agrocer dispersions provide a multi-season investment for the future treatment of valuable seeds.

Both liquid and granulated pigment dispersions provide a compatible solution in pesticide formulations and seed coating products, these preparations are based on wetting and dispersing agents that are commonly used in seed treatment. Additionally, the dry granulated pigment dispersions offer a small particle size, making them flow like a liquid and easily dispersible in in many formulas.

Kevin Brost, Vice President of Marketing Business Development of Sales for the Clariant Standard Colors Alliance, says that the Agrocer product line offers many advantages for customers.

“Agrocer offers dispersions cleared to be used on food use crops as all components are exempt from the requirement of a tolerance under EPA regulations (40 CFR §180.920) and offer complete formulation for compatibility within the agro space,” he says, “product quality, compatibility and ease of use are our focus.”

Currently, the six most globally significant colors are available in the Agrocer aqueous pigment preparations: Red 112, Red 48:2, Blue 15:3, Green 007, Violet 023, and Yellow 001. Granulated color options include Agrocer Green 007 and Agrocer Yellow 001 with additional colors available soon. Both granular and liquid dispersion pigments offer a dust-free color solution while increasing flexibility and production efficiency through faster changeover times and reduced cleaning time and effort.

Maintaining the company’s commitment to innovation, the granulated pigment products have created a solution to a common problem within the seed treatment industry, Brost shares.

“Today’s circumstances are that the majority of seed formulations have multiple components, and most are liquid. The innovation of Clariant’s Agrocer granulated pigment dispersions is their ability to be added to a formula without adding any more water. They are as easy to work with as a liquid, you just don’t have the added water, which make them ideal for mixes with limited or no additional liquid space,” he says.

Brost goes on to say that this is a value-added attribute of using Agrocer granulated colorants, rather than liquid; which allow seed treaters room for additional actives, such as nematicides, biologicals, etc. that can and do add value to their seeds.

“Today, it is about providing the grower with the best possible value, and that may mean adding more protection on the seed, the new granular products make that a possibility, so easily,” he says.

For more about Agrocer granular products, or any of the Clariant Agrocer product line, contact Kevin Brost at 406-204-4404 or or visit