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CISCO Companies Board of Director’s Names Natalie Markle as next President and Chief Executive Officer

Natalie Markle

The CISCO Companies announced that Natalie Markle will serve as the next President and CEO of the company. The Board of Directors voted Markle into this role on Thursday, July 23. 

Markle graduated with a degree in Business from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and began work within CISCO soon after. She has been with CISCO for 17 years and has excelled in many different areas within the company. Employees of CISCO look up to Markle and are excited for her transition into the CEO role. 

Board Chairman, Greg Hemmingsen, spoke on behalf of the board saying, “The board supports and congratulates Natalie in her new position and is excited to watch CISCO continue to grow under her extraordinary leadership.” 

The CISCO Companies, founded in 1965, is a family-owned business serving independent retailers across the Midwest. CISCO supplies over 2000 businesses with a wide range of products, including seed, lawn and garden supplies, agriculture goods, bird products, and many more.