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A Reliable Alternative

Kannar Earth Science integrates and optimizes seed applied technologies for crop establishment peace of mind.

What do you consider for seed applied technologies (SATs)? The essential seedling protection against pests and soilborne diseases? Maybe you’re looking for something to specifically help crop emergence?

Well, there is an alternative solution: what about finding a seed treatment technologies and solutions group that provides the total package?

Kannar Earth Science is here for one reason: to promote ideal agriculture through the design and manufacture of the combination of innovative SAT’s which may consist of active ingredients (AI’s), synergistic fertilizers and related seed applied inputs.

“We provide total confi dence,” says CEO Sam Cloete (pronounced “Clue-TAH”). “We use several Rancona based blends with STartUP™ branded components from UPL, such as STartUP IMIDA, METXL, AZOXY and more, due to excellent efficacy and high quality of the formulations. This ensures reliable stability, compatibility and treating characteristics of the complete package.

“Kannar has invested significant time and resources to develop SeedKOTE™ polymers, pigments, stabilizers and other value-added additives,” he says.

“With total confidence comes total value — we often hear customers mention that we provide the best value because we help them sleep well at night. And the process is simple: Given our dedication to excellence, we replace real problems with real solutions, all backed by science.”

Cloete says that the quality of the seed treatment on the seed shows a grower just how much technical expertise can be as sociated with the chemistries on the seed and how it is applied.

“Think about what happens when a seed company shows a grower treated seed: consider the coatings appearance with regard to uniformity, visual appeal, and the seed’s flowability … Even in terms of how much less dust is in the seed display cup,” he says. “The industry has really caught on to the value of seed coating by communicating these traits and intellectual property of the treated seed.”

Now, Cloete says, the race is on for seed companies to communicate the importance of treated seed to promote crop establishment for that very grower.

Sam Cloete serves as CEO of Kannar Earth Science.

“What do you think of when you think of crop establishment?” he asks. “For a grower, crop establishment relates to all the elements of crop protection, such as your insecticide and fungicide; the high performance of biologicals, whether an inoculant or other yield enhancing technology that is applied alongside the AI treatment; high germination coupled with uniform and rapid emergence across the field. The seed coating contributes significantly to that achievement.”

This is where seed companies can have difficulties arise. When you hit the crossroads of crop protection through traditional AI’s, seed applied fertilizers, micronutrients, hormones and microbials, companies can inadvertently promote undesired outcomes in terms of crop establishment or worse, create sub-par yield.

“It could actually create a yield drag or an emergence concern,” Cloete says. “That’s where Kannar comes in to help.”

Kannar brings the expertise of knowing exactly how all the chemistries on the seed will react, and how to place it properly on the seed to prevent quality issues when it comes to crop establishment.

In addition, Kannar can devise a strategy to help differentiate the seed in the marketplace by way of appearance and crop establishment performance. Cloete notes that with one seed company, they worked closely to create a seed coating strategy. Once competition caught up there was no need to panic. Instead, it became a mere indication that it was time to deploy the next offering – remaining ahead of the competition.

“We also offer custom ready-to-use blends, saving time for our customer to focus on what they do best — sell seed, service the grower relationship and treat the seed excellently and quickly,” Cloete says. “That helped them to distinguish themselves in the marketplace from their competitors.”

In the end, there’s one thing to take away: Kannar is a reliable, full-service provider of seed treatment equipment, your foundation of seed treatment AI’s and everything that goes with it.

“We might be the new kids on the block, but we have an impressive history developing and working with seed treatments,” Cloete says. “And we have serious expertise to go along with it.”

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