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Vilmorin-Mikado 2020 Leafy Range for Hydroponic Production and Vertical Farming


The COVID-19 outbreak highlights a growing need for urban farming worldwide. Nowadays, it is more and more interesting for cities to produce and provide vegetables locally through vertical farming and hydroponics. To accompany these producers, Vilmorin-Mikado launches its new and complete leafy range adapted to soilless cultivation. 

A Complete Line of 40 Leafy Varieties for Hydroponic Growers 

One of the most popular plants to grow in vertical farming and hydroponics is leafy green vegetables. As a major global leafy player, Vilmorin-Mikado offers in its portfolio 40 varieties suitable for these growing systems, for all whole heads typologies: blond, dark green and red types, baby leaves and herbs.

“A complete leafy range that brings high-quality seeds and diversity to hydroponics producers,” underlines Emilie Gauvrit, Vilmorin-Mikado leafy product manager, specialized in soilless production.

But why are these varieties well adapted to hydroponics and vertical farming?

In plant factories, crops are growing in a fully closed controlled-environment and plants are growing mainly vertically in stacked layers. To meet these specific conditions, Vilmorin-Mikado varieties have a fast and compact growth: a fast growth that allows the producers to have a good yield in a short time compared to field crop production, and a compact growth with leafy heads that hold their shape well in a soilless environment. 

“Very precise growing systems need very high-quality seeds that will assure homogenous products when harvesting. Our varieties can provide shape and crop uniformity,” points out Gauvrit. “By offering tip burn tolerant varieties, Vilmorin-Mikado also brings concrete solutions to hydroponics farmers who can better secure their production in these specific environments.” 

A Tasty and Colorful Range for More Diversity

Hydroponics is also gaining popularity worldwide through growing consumers’ expectations for healthy, tasty and original products. Indeed, these systems allow to have a fresh and local production that will help to keep vegetables nutritional benefits. To respond to these changing dietary habits, Vilmorin-Mikado developed a specific range for baby leaves and herbs. 

“A tasty and colorful range for restaurant customers and consumers who are looking for highly-differentiating and innovative vegetables to create unique recipes,” specifies Gauvrit. “Tasteful and colorful vegetables to bring joy into our meals!”

A Range Created FOR and WITH Hydroponics Producers Worldwide

To experiment with these varieties in indoor conditions, Vilmorin-Mikado has developed several strategic partnerships with various academic places around the world. Many countries are developing soilless crops such as China, Korea, Japan, as well as the United States, Australia and Brazil.

“Our presence through Vilmorin-Mikado subsidiaries in these countries allow us to be reactive on the hydroponics market,” highlights Gauvrit. “Vilmorin-Mikado also works closely with its clients through a trial network with key accounts to continuingly adapt its varieties locally to its clients’ needs.”

“Experience the Leafy Choice” in Hydroponics

This hydroponics range is part of the global Vilmorin-Mikado leafy range: a complete and innovative line of almost 500 varieties that meets the needs of the entire industry. To “Experience the Leafy Choice” and discover the Vilmorin-Mikado 2020 Leafy range for hydroponic production and vertical farming, consult Vilmorin-Mikado new brochure here!