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Ceradis and WinField United Form Partnership for CeraMax

Source: Ceradis

Ceradis Crop Protection B.V. has formed a distribution partnership with WinField United for its CeraMax bio fungicide seed treatment.

“We are excited about the partnership with WinField United which is an important milestone in commercializing CeraMax in the U.S.,” says Jan Stechmann, vice president of marketing and sales. “This collaboration is a testament to both company’s commitment to the future of biotechnology and a shared goal in delivering effective and environmentally friendly solutions to growers.”

CeraMax is a new biological seed treatment for the prevention of soilborne fungal diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium virguliforme, the causal agent of Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in soybeans.

Containing the active ingredient Natamycin, CeraMax empowers the genetic potential of crops to increase early-season vigor for a stronger and more uniform emergence at the start-up of the season.

Registered by the EPA as a bio fungicide seed treatment for soybeans, CeraMax recently received the government’s stamp of approval for expanding its label to now include corn and wheat.

In multi-year research trials across 10 states, soybeans treated with the addition of CeraMax to Acceleron Standard showed significantly lower SDS disease incidence with an average yield increase of 4.3 bushels per acre compared to Acceleron Standard used alone.

“CeraMax delivers outstanding SDS protection without the worry of stress on seedlings, and without growers sacrificing early-season plant health,” adds Stechmann. 

WinField United, which has an established track record for bringing innovations to growers, plans to market and sell CeraMax in 2021 in soybean-producing areas most impacted by SDS in years past.

“We are continuously searching for novel technologies that maximize grower return on investment,” says Ashley Giese, marketing manager of seed treatment with WinField United. “Our objective is to provide growers with seed treatment offerings that are driven by innovation, performance, and value. We believe CeraMax helps us deliver on that strategy.”

Giese also says, the agreement with Ceradis not only strengthens her company’s mission in delivering next-generation products to customers but enhances the company’s rapidly growing seed treatment portfolio.

Stechmann says the newly-formed partnership between the organizations represents an important validation in regards to the growing demand for biological inputs in the U.S.

“Growers are realizing how biological products complement the plant’s genetics and traits, as well as conventional chemistry,” he says. “By leveraging biologicals and conventional chemistry, we are helping growers become more productive, profitable, and sustainable.”

He adds by saying that growers are eager for new solutions that address the ever-changing landscape of crop production. “Ceradis is fully committed to delivering on that with high-performing, environmentally friendly products that help crops reach their full genetic potential, maximize grower ROI, and increase yield.”