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FBSciences Announces the New SuperSede Line of Seed Treatment Products

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FBSciences announces the launch of the new SuperSede line of seed treatment products beginning with SuperSede Soybean and SuperSede Cotton, and following with SuperSede Small Grains and SuperSede Corn in the coming months. These products combine FBSciences’ proven Transit technology with crop-specific mixes of nutrients designed to support early crop health. FBSciences will provide these seed treatment products for downstream seed application opportunities at the dealer and grower level.

All of FBSciences’ seed treatment products result in increased vigor and improved emergence in seedlings, allowing growers to establish a stronger start to the season. Seed-applied products assist in overcoming abiotic stresses, including the cold, wet conditions that seeds are subject to at planting and during germination. FBSciences’ SuperSede products assist in even germination in the field, resulting in a higher stand count with an increased uniformity of stand.

The first product in the line, SuperSede Soybean, designed for use with soybeans as well as other legumes, addresses particular concern in early legume growth. Abiotic stress during legume germination can negatively affect both root and nodulation development. An independent North American trial found that FBSciences’ seed applied technology led to an increase of overall root mass of 29% in soybeans, giving the seedlings better access to water and nutrients at a critical time in their development as they direct their energy toward growth.

Also launching now is SuperSede Cotton. Trials on cotton, a notoriously difficult crop in early season growth, have shown that FBSciences’ seed applied products and technologies resulted in a 9% average increase in plant population and a 12% average increase in cotton yield. The boron included in SuperSede Cotton supports early vigor and emergence of cotton.

“With years of proven performance in seed treatment applications, we are thrilled to finally be expanding commercial access to our FBSciences’ technologies in this new line of downstream seed treatment products,” said Courtenay Wolfe, chair and CEO of FBSciences. “We have seen a great demand for our new SuperSede product line and are looking forward to seeing these superior products enable growers to drive increased plant health, improve yields, and maximize their investment in seed.”