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Ag of the Future: Productivity and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand

The relationship a farmer has with the land is personal. They understand intimately the competing demands on our resources and the need to drive profits. Growers face enormous challenges, and without economic viability no sustainable solution will have long term adoption.

My passion for agriculture stems from this perceived contradiction and my steadfast belief that not only are economic viability and sustainability achievable together, they are both essential for long-term success.

For the past 15 years, the team at FBSciences and I have been working to not only address the challenges of today but also the opportunities of tomorrow. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and our world class biological solutions address agronomic challenges while protecting the environment.

FBSciences has been on the cutting edge of the science behind naturally derived materials and how they can significantly impact plant health for 15 years. I have always encouraged my team to challenge the boundaries of current practices and knowledge. Innovation can be risky but that culture of innovative thinking has been key to our success.

FBSciences has emerged as a global leader in the field of natural organic matter-based biologicals, specifically biostimulants and biopesticides. Our product portfolio built from FBS Transit®, a biostimulant technology, and FBS Defense®, a biopesticide technology, has generated over $100 million in commercial success. With a third of our 1600 trials focusing on seed treatment, we have proven the impact of our technologies and products for seed applications. Today, we’re thrilled to bring our proven technology to our next-in-class seed treatment product line, SuperSede™.

SuperSede Gives Crops a Strong Start

The SuperSede line works to preserve the genetic yield potential of your seed. The line combines our biostimulant FBS Transit and crop-specific nutrients to improve stand establishment through accelerated germination, enhanced rooting, shoot development, and increased chlorophyll density, resulting in improved uniformity of stand and higher overall yields. The product line’s compatibility with other products, low use rate, and positive impacts on germination in cold, wet environments make it innately suited for the unique nature of seed applications.

By reducing the harmful effects of limiting factors, the SuperSede line grows healthier crops sustainably that are better able to defend themselves from stressors occurring in the growing season. As we see an overall upward trend in the rate and severity of abiotic stress events, as well as an increase in regulations, the Super-Sede line helps growers meet their yield targets in an increasingly challenging climate.

Return on Investment is Paramount

FBSciences prioritizes consistency and driving increased yields for growers. Our products are built from the ground up, combining our experience and track record in the fi eld with our expertise in formulation and product development to deliver the products that farmers need. This focus on consistency, profitability, and efficacy promotes long-term and widespread adoption.

Ultimately, the number one priority at FBSciences is providing ROI and overwhelmingly positive experiences to dealers and growers. That means products are tested and tried in a multitude of conditions and crop types to ensure results are consistent.

However, as agriculture evolves, we want to help farmers not only get the most out of their seed investment, but also help to make agriculture the most sustainable system possible. We plan to lead the way in both endeavors with biologicals.

Our goal is to transform agriculture and to have FBSciences products on every managed acre, and the products we have on the market today are just the start.