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Ground-breaking Innovations, Naturally

A brand-new year brings with it promise and potential. As we start the new year, that’s especially true at Kannar Earth Science, Ltd. As Kannar’s Plant Input Specialist, I’m very excited about new technologies coming out of the various Kannar innovation labs. Various patents are in the process of being finalized, after which we will officially announce a handful of new, truly ground-breaking, innovations and technologies that will dramatically improve seed treatment and agricultural crop production, naturally.

This is just the start of our company’s journey with a focus on intellectual property protection by way of patents. Our strategic business plan supports the development of multiple patents around a theme of innovation. And it’s exciting to be part of team that dreams big and global – we only undertake patent efforts once we are assured of a significant positive contribution to crop production. We expect to continue to license these technologies to partnerships that are dedicated to delivering the value of these inventions.

Ahsan Habib, Ph.D., Agricultural Input Specialist & Lab Team Lead

How is Kannar able to successfully bring to the market so many innovations? I truly believe it is because Kannar has an entirely different way of operating. Many innovation companies define each scientists’ role and confine their efforts within the ‘box’ of that role. Despite company size, that confinement can be suffocating and stifle innovation. At Kannar, however, our team operates on an open platform: we’re free to innovate and brainstorm – this often leads to discovery of even better solutions. As a scientist, I deeply appreciate that Kannar offers me an opportunity to free my mind, allowing me room to pursue fulfillment and true innovation.

Kannar has a passion for finding real solutions to real problems; developed through curiosity, tenacity, and humility. Although the company started with – and still focuses on – the manufacturing and toll blending of seed treatments as well as lab services, we acknowledge and embrace the fact that we’re very good at innovating, patenting those innovations, and licensing new technologies to strategic alliances who in turn are committed to communicating and delivering the invention value. Our innovations focus mostly on promoting crop establishment and yield, by way of seed treatment technologies which incorporate beneficial microbes, synergists and micro-plastic free solutions. Expect lots more of that to come as we further embrace our increasing core competencies in innovation, patenting and licensing.

While Kannar’s offerings continue to grow, our core values remain firm. We are guided by integrity in all we do – from the boardroom to the sale… integrity is our compass. We are committed to care: care for ourselves, our fellow co-workers, our families, this generation, and generations to come. Finally, we’re dedicated to and entrusted with the responsibility of sustainability. By providing real solutions to real problems with a focus on environmental stewardship, we make sure all parties along the value chain can sleep well at night, knowing that enduring value is created to last well into the future.