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How Can You Use the Ultimate Sorting Experience For Your Products?

A guide by Elica ASM.

Elica ASM has its roots in over 10 years of experience in the field of optical-electronic sorters, with products that represent a piece of the future available in the present. The common denominator that connects all the machines, up to the last one born in 2021, the PowTest, is the technological evolution and the proximity to customer needs which are summarized in accuracy, performance, and ease of use. Today the company is a constantly growing industrial reality that exports Made in Italy products to over 60 countries.

In 2020 ASM merged into the Elica Group thus becoming Elica ASM, an international entity able to provide complete and cutting edge cleaning and process solutions for multiple applications, both in the food sector (selection of cereals, legumes, coffee, dried and dehydrated fruit) than not, like the recovery of plastics.

The Quasar and Eureka models of optical sorters are reference points in the field of optical sorting. The modularity of Quasar (it can be equipped with up to six independent chutes) meets the needs of high production capacity while respecting quality. The compactness and mobility of Eureka, on the other hand, best meet the needs of limited production made up of small batches or laboratory applications.

The field of action is not limited only to the selection of products but extends to their analysis, thanks to the most recent Pow- Test model, analysis equipment, already chosen by multinationals of Food & Care, which stands as a unique tool in the world (patent pending) for the analysis of powders, including flour and groats. Characterized by reliability and sensibility, it detects defects smaller than 0.3 mm and is already operational in more than 15 laboratories worldwide.

Sensitive to sustainability and the environment, the company has organized its production activity, promoting the recycling and optimization of the resources used, also thanks to the help of 4.0 technologies.