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Does Intellectual Property Actually Hinder U.S. Competition? – A Seed World Strategy Webinar & Podcast

Seed and its intellectual property protection regulations have been put under the microscope — but do IP regulations really hinder the U.S. economy?

The USDA announced on May 11 that they were opening a comment period as a result of President Biden’s Executive Order on “Promoting Competition in the American Economy,” to examine competition issues in the economy.
Experts from the seed sector and the IP industry will join us to learn how a potential USDA ruling could impact seed companies across the U.S. — from independents to large, multinationals. But, they’re also going to help us understand the pros and cons that IP laws give to companies.

  • Why is IP used in seed companies ‚Äã.
  • What are the pros and cons of IP laws. ‚Äã
  • How IP affects competition between businesses.


Joel Cape
Owner of Cape Law Firm

Phil Howard
Professor at Michigan State University