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Meet Bryan Gerard, Seed World U.S Editorial Board Member


Bryan Gerard is the president and co-owner of JoMar Seeds, an elite wheat licensing company.

He has journeyed through a career marked by innovation and dedication. Beginning as a business teacher and basketball coach in Indiana from 1984 to 1992, he honed his skills in leadership and strategic thinking. These early experiences laid a robust foundation for his next venture, where he co-owned and presided over JGL, Inc. from 1992 to 2012. Under his stewardship, JGL, Inc. became a premier supplier of soybean and wheat genetics across North America, South America, Europe and Africa, effectively managing the intellectual property of numerous breeding programs through comprehensive licensing agreements.

His industry participation is as varied. Within the American Seed Trade Association, he has served in numerous capacities including the chair of SeedFirstPac and multiple key committees, influencing critical areas like small grains, farm seed and intellectual property rights. His global perspective was further enhanced through his representation in the International Seed Federation, where he served two terms as the chair of the Field Crop Section. Additionally, he has made ongoing contributions to Seeds Canada and the Indiana Crop Improvement Association.

He serves on the U.S. Plant Variety Review Board, where his expertise shapes the future of seed technology and agricultural policies.

Why he serves on the Seed World U.S. editorial board: “I love working with an amazing team of professionals with different backgrounds and experiences in the seed industry.  My own experiences from a local, regional, national, continental and international level have allowed me to recognize the need for a “voice” and Seed World provides that voice. To be a part of and a participant with Seed World is and has been a valued experience.”

What do you love about the seed industry?

Number one this is the people. I just love the friendships that I’ve formed and everyone’s willingness to share what they know. Number two is the intentionality of wanting to make sure we’re doing our best to help sustain the food supply in the world. I love being in an industry that is so crucial and vital to feeding the world. I starts with the seed. The growers benefit from the seed. The consumer benefits from the growers. Everyone can resonate with some part of the value chain, but it all started with the seed.

What do you see as a big opportunity for the seed industry in the future? We have a great opportunity to educate and communicate with those who are disconnected from how food ends up on their table. We have so many platforms, so many different ways to reach so many different people. We have a great opportunity, so start sharing