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Yield-Robbing Pests Targeted with New Insecticide Treatment

Corteva Agriscience now offers wheat, barley, lentil and pulse crop farmers across the U.S. access to a powerful insecticide treatment created to aid in controlling yield-robbing pests. The treatment is currently pending individual state registrations, according to a release.

Lumivia CPL seed applied insecticide was granted a label expansion by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide farmers the option to utilize the robust insecticide treatment. This label expansion allows farmers to treat on-farm, giving them additional options and enhanced protection.

“This expanded label will help farmers protect even more crops with Lumivia CPL. The broad-spectrum protection against early-season insect pests allows farmers to maximize their yield potential,” said David Borgmeier, Corteva Agriscience’s seed applied technologies lead.

Pulse and cereal farmers equipped with this rapid level of seed to seedling protection could “win with uniform and healthy plant stand establishment, improved early-season pest protection, and be rewarded with greater yield potential,” shared the release.

Lumivia CPL insecticide seed treatment supplies farmers with benefits including cutworm control and lengthened seedling protection.

Cutworm Control

The treatment acts as the sole pulse and cereal treatment that manages cutworm through early-season protection. Lumivia CPL also exhibits strength against other prominent early-season pests such as pea leaf, weevil, armyworm, wireworm, grasshopper and seedcorn maggot.

Seedling Protection

Lumivia CPL offers up to 40 days of protection for seedlings. The treatment encompasses a Group 28 anthranilic diamide insecticide, which maintains concentration in crucial areas of the plant following planting, therefore protecting it during germination and after emergence.

Pest Management Tool

Lumivia CPL boasts a unique mode of action and powerful active ingredient to compliment existing management plans. The treatment is successful at low-use rates and suitable for use alongside other commercial seed treatment technologies.

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