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When it Comes to Weed Control, Use a Program Approach, Says Greg Lammert

Every year, growers face one big challenge after getting their seed in the ground: protecting that investment until the end of the season. There are plenty of challenges that appear — disease, weather, pests… and weeds.

Weeds are always a difficult nuisance to manage in the field, but when it comes down to it, new technologies are being released constantly to keep up the battle. After that, it’s all down to how you set up for the challenge, says Greg Lammert, Corteva Agriscience’s marketing communications manager of crop protection.

“Battling resistant weeds is always a challenge for farmers each year. One proven way to battle through those weeds to reduce resistance is to use a program approach,” Lammert says during a Seed World Giant Views interview at the American Seed Trade Association’s CSS & Seed Expo. “Using multiple modes of action is essential.”

Ensuring farmers can be flexible within their choices is important, Lammert says. Within a weed control system like Enlist, farmers have the flexibility to take the mix with additional modes of action to customize their weed control program for their acreage.

“It’s truly a flexible system with fewer restrictions to apply when compared to dicamba,” he adds. “There are multiple herbicide tolerances for broad spectrum control. Farmers trust the Enlist weed control system, and it continues to grow. Since we’ve introduced the Enlist E3 soybeans, we have greater than 45% of the U.S. soybean market using the Enlist weed control system.”

In addition, Lammert notes that if growers have any questions concerning stewardship and sustainability with Enlist, Corteva has training modules available on

Make sure to listen to the entire conversation to hear more about combatting weeds in the field.

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