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Does Your Management Style Suit Your Team? — A Seed World Strategy Webinar & Podcast

As we navigate through a constantly evolving world, it’s crucial for managers to adapt their leadership styles to suit their team’s needs. With Baby boomers transitioning out of the workforce and Gen Z taking their place, it’s essential to explore how to manage diverse teams effectively.

The pandemic brought about significant changes in the way businesses operate, and managers need to be equipped with the right tools to lead their teams during these challenging times. As a team manager, it’s crucial to ask yourself, “Does my management style suit my team?”

During our webinar, we will explore the following key learning points:

  • Discover your management style: Every manager has a unique management style, and understanding yours is the first step in leading your team effectively. We will discuss various management styles and how you can identify and adapt to the one that suits your team best.
  • The influence of culture on teams: Culture plays a significant role in shaping how teams function. We will delve into how culture influences teams and how managers can create a culture that fosters teamwork, innovation, and productivity.
  • Leading during changing times: The business world is constantly evolving, and managers need to be prepared for change. We will discuss how managers can lead their teams during changing times and how to navigate the challenges that come with it.

Speakers included are Jonathan Shaver, president and owner of Envision Partners LLC, Jake Ware, Business Manager for HM.Clause and chair of ASTA’s LEAD committee, and Rhonda Werner, director of people & culture of Ag1 Source.