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Bosch BASF Smart Farming Announces New Brand Name: ONE SMART SPRAY

Bosch BASF Smart Farming announced their new brand name, ONE SMART SPRAY according to a release. Bosch BASF Smart Farming, now ONE SMART SPRAY, is a joint venture between Bosch and BASF Digital Farming.

The new brand name will also apply to their product which was previously called the Smart Spraying Solution. The new name, logo and messaging is being launched globally as one single brand. ONE SMART SPRAY gathered farmer feedback over the last 12 months to make progress towards a commercial launch.

“ONE SMART SPRAY as a brand brings together the value we create and our purpose, which is to offer one integrated, convenient, and reliable solution to make herbicide spraying not only precise but smart,” said Jorge von Kostrisch, global marketing & communications manager of ONE SMART SPRAY. “Not only is the new brand stronger and more memorable, but it will also support our commercialization activities. Our new tagline, ‘Precision Made Smart,’ brings our purpose to life: to take weed control to the next level by integrating precision, digital and agronomic intelligence into ONE solution.”

“Back in 2021, Bosch BASF Smart Farming was founded upon the promising opportunity of creating something unique, by joining the hardware, software, and connectivity capabilities of Bosch with the digital and agronomic expertise of BASF,” said Florian Gwosdz, co-managing director of ONE SMART SPRAY. “The promise is now a reality, with the technology tested and proven, series production underway, and feedback constantly enthusiastic. The new brand is our next step to scaling up in the market.”

“ONE SMART SPRAY is the realization of a value proposition like no other available to farmers today,” said Konstantin Kretschun, co-managing director of ONE SMART SPRAY. “The camera-based system developed by Bosch detects weeds in milliseconds and precisely sprays only where necessary and only as much as needed. Using the field-specific data in a digital platform by xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, ONE SMART SPRAY also offers customized agronomic recommendations, intelligent sensitivity levels, high-precision agronomic maps, automated documentation, and further features in ONE solution. This is truly smart weed control, which supports maximum input efficiency and more sustainable farming practices.”