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Field Trails Show Solutions to Pythium spp. in Organic Pea, Corn, Chickpea and Dry Bean Fields

Field trials in multiple states have shown positive results with Ultim-ST, a solution to fight Pythium spp. and Metalaxyl-Resistant Pythium spp., which benefits corn, chickpea and pea growers according to a release. Ultim-ST is a non-biological organic fungicide seed treatment.

Pythium spp. disease has challenged growers in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. In North American field trials over three consecutive years, Ultim-ST has improved plant health allowing for better nutrient uptake and increased resilience. Extensive third-party trial data can give growers confidence in combating Pythium spp.

Some key takeaways from the field trials occurring in nine states include a significant stand improvement when compared to raw seed fields, and consistent protection against Pythium spp., which protects crops from infections in the earlier stages and creates healthier plants overall. Emergence rates increased and plants grew and developed more robustly.

According to the release, “Ultim-ST is certified organic and NOP-compliant, aligning with sustainable agricultural practices, and may also be incorporated into conventional IPM programs that aim to prevent Metalaxyl-Resistance.” The product is an environmentally friendly to protect crops and it is microplastic-free.

“We are thrilled to see the outstanding results from the field trials of Ultim-ST in organic corn, chickpeas, and peas in the Pacific Northwest fields, with more trials taking place in the Midwest,” said Kevin Walsh, head of Commercial at Germains Seed Technology. “We understand the challenges faced by organic growers in managing Pythium spp. disease pressure and Ultim-ST offers a game-changing solution to achieve greater stand improvement and healthier plant growth.”

Ultim-ST has been labelled for use in multiple states and crops for organic growers.

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