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Salient AI-based Forecasting Model Weather Predication Helps with Extreme Climate

Salient Predictions is releasing a new long-range weather prediction platform to help with adapting to increasing climate volatility, according to a release. The new platform provides a large update to the forecasting solution, subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) model.

The update will deliver forecasts for two to 52 weeks ahead of time. This has been developed by scientists and engineers using state of the art AI creating “reliable probabilistic distributions and empower decision makers to navigate weather-related challenges and opportunities with greater confidence.”

“Global climate change is spurring volatile weather patterns around the world,” said Matt Stein, co-founder and CEO of Salient. “This is presenting urgent challenges in weather forecasting and analytics. A substantial upgrade to our S2S model and a breakthrough for the industry, this release addresses these pressing issues, delivering major improvements in temperature, precipitation, and other forecasting variables. Salient’s new forecasting model stands out for its exceptional accuracy and reliability with new capabilities that enable confident decisions with long-range forecasts amidst unprecedented weather patterns.”

With global warming challenges being faced often, the new S2S model will provide tools to assess climate-related risks and vulnerabilities. The temperature and precipitation accuracy outperforms benchmark models, including NOAA’s Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS), European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and climatology. The accuracy is also high in sub-seasonal weekly forecasts which is key for critical decision-making scenarios. Examples of critical decision-making scenarios include, “commodity trading, agronomic decisions, renewable energy production, and more. Based on a comparison of the Continuous Ranked Probability Score (CRPS) to reference models, the accuracy gain can reach up to 50%.”

Due to the reliable accuracy of the probabilistic forecasts, the models equip stakeholders in a variety of sectors like agriculture, energy, finance and more with better knowledge to help prevent the severe impacts from extreme weather situations, optimize resources and prioritize climate strategies.

The update allows for a deeper level of comprehension with weather forecasts. The tool has user-friendly features and will show best-case, worst-case, and most-likely case scenarios which allowing users to make the best decision.

“As Salient’s strategic partner in Brazil over the last three years, we have been focused on co-developing a range of next generation agricultural risk management and crop index insurance solutions,” said Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio, chairman of SpaceTime Labs. “We are happy to report a step function increase in the accuracy and reliability of probabilistic two to 52-week weather forecasts in Brazil that can uniquely inform increasingly complex decisions in the global food and agricultural sector. This is particularly noteworthy as the climate volatility regime this year is becoming more extreme and unpredictable.”

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