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El Nino vs. La Nina: What Are They Really?

El Nino and La Nina are commonly discussed weather patterns, but do you understand what they actually are? We’re currently moving from a La Nina cycle into El Nino cycle. While we often hear of one being good or bad, they both bring benefits along with troubles and impact different parts of the planet uniquely. Weather can be unpredictable, but do these weather patterns give us some insight into what to expect moving forward?

On our Wednesday, October 11th edition of Seed Speaks, we dissected the weather patterns and the similarities and differences between them. Do farmers prefer one to the other? Are we always in some type of a weather pattern? We took a deep dive into El Nino vs. La Nina as we kicked off our season covering the wild world of weather.

Our two expert panelists were:

Shawn Hackett, president of Hackett Financial Advisors Inc. — Hackett is a weather trends/outlook and commodities expert. He educates agricultural industry leaders and farmers about long term cycles and statistics regarding climate, currencies, geopolitics, and global capital flows with an emphasis on their impacts to agricultural production and prices.


Steve Wilkens, agronomy manager for the central business unit with Syngenta — Wilkens team is responsible for the agronomic training of the commercial Golden Harvest sales force and create demand for the corn and soybean products Golden Harvest sells. He joined Syngenta in 2012 and has held various roles across the seed and chemistry divisions of the company, Wilkens has been in his current role for six years. He received a master of science in agronomy from the University of Wisconsin—Madison and resides on a sixth-generation family farm in southeastern Wisconsin.

Here is a preview of what you can expect this season.

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